Back to Back Wins

Whatup fam, I’m back – sorry for the long wait!  I started doing lead generation a few months back and I’ve been so busy building sites and reaching out to business owners that I haven’t taken a moment to reflect on how things are going or update my blog here, so I apologize.  I literally watched a set of training videos that are supposed to take 6 weeks to get through in 72 hours and then just started grinding.  It actually felt really good and I couldn’t sleep.  I was lying awake in bed just picturing the ridiculous potential this new business has.  It’s really crazy because anyone could technically do it with a bit of know-how.  Whether or not it succeeds comes down to drive.  I’ve never been one to put a lot of work in at a company I was employed at, but this feels a lot different because it’s all on me.  All the money comes to me too, so that’s a big plus.

I popped open my computer, set up dual monitors, and situated my desk right near the window so I can get a nice view to keep me motivated.  Then, I sat down and watched 72 hours of videos.  I kept leaving my desk every couple hours to take a bathroom break and to get food; that’s about it.  No Tinder, no women, no drinks, just business.  And, I have to say, things are working out.  First video I recorded and sent out landed a tree service owner who’s now paying me $400 a month.  Now, that’s not a ton of money, but I don’t really have to do a ton of work for that and his site’s already improving; that’s the cool part.  I’ve never believed in direct progression. My personal thought is that if you can talk the game and walk the path, you can charge anything you want for your service even with no clients to your name.  I proved myself right.  My second client was another video I sent out.

I realize I made it sound like I did no work to land a client, but that’s not accurate.  I recorded and sent out 79 videos over the course of 2 weeks to land the 2nd client.  He’s a concrete leveler based in Houston.  I pitched $6,500 a month to work with him and he argued me down to $6,000.  Isn’t that insane?  That’s an increase that make a difference in your life.  That’s $72,000 a year!  Now, I have to spend half of that to help him out, but still.  I got a $30k pay raise by sending a few videos. Where else can you do that with no pants on? Lol.  Sitting at my computer, talking, being real, and this guy saw the value.  Then, we hopped on another call where I walked through what I can do in more detail.  He loved it. Boom – sold.  Onto the next!  I still haven’t quite figured out a good cadence for emails and videos, but I’m going to sit down tomorrow and see if I can hash it out.  Will update you guys soon.

I Can Build Any Business Now

So check this out – I can build any business from nothing in like 90 days!  I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’ve just completed 6 weeks of training on starting businesses and I feel like I’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom.  Think about like a business owner.  You’re sitting there thinking about what kind of business you want to start, and one of niches feels a little more “you” than the rest.  You might just go with your gut or you might do some research to see what kind of money potential there is.  I’m a fan of the research, but let’s do an example.  Let’s say you pick asphalt paving services.  That sounds like a profitable niche.  I know the equipment is expensive, but you can make a ton of cash quick.  Then, you choose a good size city, like Albany, New York.  Now, it’s time to come up with a name.  Lots of businesses make a name with the city and the niche, so instead how about Perfect Pave.  With that done, you’ve got to get a business license.  So, you either do the all the paperwork yourself, or you just go somewhere like Legal Zoom and let them do it for you.  Obviously, that’s way easier. That process takes a week or so, then you’re good to go.  Now, you’ve got to start growing.  You’re going to need to secure funding, get a solid website to advertise your business, and buy some equipment.  With all that in place, it’s smart to do some research and then hire a contractor to help initially since you have no idea what you’re doing in this particular industry.  Let’s say you start getting calls with from your site.  First thing I’d do is quote the homeowner with a price on their driveway or whatever paving needed to be done.  Then, I’d go out and hire a contractor to do it for less.  Not only can you watch what they do and how they do it, but you make the difference between what you quoted the customer and what you paid the contractor.  You could also take a part-time job in the industry for the insider knowledge.  That might actually save you some time instead of trying to figure things out and messing up on your own. Many successful business owners gained some experience in the field, then went out on their own.

Why I Blog About My Personal Life?

Blogging is a true skill that I have acquired in life. At least I feel so! I have often been told that I am very brave as I tend to share all that I go through in my life through my blogs. When I think of it, I definitely feel proud as I am able to reach thousands of people out there –merely just by sharing a few ideas on life and sharing my life with so many random strangers.

To me, blogging about my private life is no act of bravery. It is a mere choice. A choice that I made about my life as an independent adult! I felt like sharing my ideas, views, and personal feelings out to the world –even if it implies the global audience. You can get it from my first blog which is just like opening a page of my life.

Just like any other individual, I would have preferred keeping secret about my personal life. I could have chosen to never speak out about my vulnerabilities. I feel that it is rather satiating to present both the good & the bad –it helps me in maintaining a balance in my life. I wish to analyze where I am headed in life and to speak it out with everyone around.

The blogs that I write about are a mission of my own. They hold a very deeper meaning in my life –something I am able to connect to. I just wish that through my life story-sharing experience, someone, somewhere in the world would feel inspired.

How My Blogs have Changed My Life for the Better

There have been several instances wherein I have felt motivated after writing a blog & sharing it with people around. Here are some ways in which blogging has changed my life for the better:

  • Writing a personal blog daily serves to be immensely relieving. Blogging has gifted me a safe & convenient releasing valve that helps me stay away from various stresses in life.


  • As I write regularly, it has helped in storing several beautiful memories of life forever in my lookbook. These memories in words are something that I can revisit conveniently and relive them for the rest of my life. As I keep writing honestly about my present life situations, it helps me in understanding how far I have come in life as a better person.


  • Writing a personal blog daily has made me come closer to a close-knit online community of personal bloggers who keep inspiring me every moment to move forward in life positively. It has been an amazingly beautiful journey to establish connections with people all around the globe.


  • Writing regularly has also helped me in the process of communicating the most complicated ideas seamlessly. My personal blogs have added immense depth to my emotions and have helped in redefining my perspective towards life.

Wine Almost Ruined My Carpet

I got another new job, so I was celebrating.  I hopped on Snapchat, like usual to browse what’s going on in the world and I felt like I just keep seeing the same type of people over and over again.  There’s people doing dumb things for views and a lot of women drinking wine.  I always wondered about that.  I’d normally opt for a beer, but not today.

I was leaving work on my first day and stopped by Price Chopper.  As I was standing there in the adult beverage section, I thought “you know what, screw it, I’m getting wine.”  So I did.  I checked out at the register, tossed the bottle into my car, and drove home.  Before I share what happened, I should probably share the layout of my apartment.  Right when you open the door, I have a floor mat, then I have some nice carpeting from the edge of the floor mat to the other side of the room.  I had it installed when I first moved in so I didn’t have to walk on the cold wood floors.  Go ahead, judge me!

Anyways, I got out my car and didn’t feel like waiting until I got to my apartment, so I opened the bottle of wine.  That probably wasn’t the smartest idea on my part since you probably know what happens next, but I didn’t have the foresight to prevent an issue.  So, like an alcoholic, I’m walking up the stairs to my apartment drinking directly from the bottle.  I finally get to my door after what feels like a century because of the long day I had.  I put the key in, open the door, and my cat leaps off the end table directly at me and basically stabs my arm with his nails.  I jumped back and the bottle of wine went flying out of my hands and guess where it landed?  Half the bottle dumped out before I could pick it up.  I don’t know how much you know about red wine, but it’s nearly impossible to get out of a carpet, especially a white one!  So, I called a local company to clean my carpet.  They brought over all this cleaning equipment to suck up the wine and get rid of the stains, and surprisingly, the price wasn’t bad.  After it was all said and done, it cost me $65 to steam-clean it and get rid of the red stains. Lesson learned – no drinking in the hallway, especially when you’ve got a crazy cat that has no manners.  What I should’ve done is dump the rest on the cat, since she’s white too.

Mazinger Z: The return of a legend

Hello, guys! Today we’ll be talking about the new adaptation of Mazinger Z. I’m not a big fan of anime but maybe you are. Mazinger Z has arrived at the cinema and maybe we should take into consideration see it. If you’re of the 70’ you’ll be curious about this adaptation, you may be singing the song “Koji evil and terror can dominate…” Now, five decades later we had this iconic character back to the big screen.

The Japanese, Go Nagai, was the creator of this idea back in 1972 (in comic manga). The success was so big that the same year they took it to the television as an animated series. The history narrates how the Dr. Juzo Kabuto designed a giant robot with powerful tools throughout the body. This creation will take the name of: Mazinger Z. This robot shaped with an armor made of fictional superalloy called “Chogoking Z” gives him a unique power thanks to his photo-atomic energy.

Mazinger Z with its partner, the Great Mazinger, were formed to defeat Dr. Hell and his evils legions of monsters. In the adaptation, the pair of robots are older and wiser and they’ll have to find the better way to get into battle once again. Go Nagai assured that all the adults will see the movie with the same emotion as they were kids. I’m willing to see it, and you? If you’re a fanatic you have to.

Here you have some background of the history if you don’t know anything about it:

Mazinger Z is the first manned robot in the anime world since the past ones were controlled by remote control. The anime is like a collage of elements that are configured in separate universes and at the same time, complement each other to part of the same world. The history presents us the character of Dr. Hell and a team of scientists who discover the remains of a millenarian society and giants automatons.

The discovery of the automatons represented an important finding for humanity, so Dr. Hell decides to keep it in secret until other humans “have been investigated better”. Of course, this decision is an evil plan, since the Doctor implements devices that allow the control of the giant machines. When he asks others doctors to follow him and they denied, it triggers the wrath of the villain who murders everyone present except Dr. Jozo Kabuto, who manages to escape.

After those facts, Kabuto decides to stop Dr. Hell and creates Mazinger, a robot that possesses the most advanced technology.  Maybe the history sounds a bit boring but the truth is that this series was a huge success back then and maybe the movie will triumph too.

We have to see it in order to make any feedback, don’t you think? Until next time guys.


What I think about Black Panther film

Hey, guys! It’s has been some time since the last post. Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a fantastic 2018 start. I wanted to talk about one of the most significant successes in the seventh art: Black Panther.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I’ll start giving you some idea about this Marvel story. The legacy of this comic is rich. Black Panther was the first-ever black superhero in comics, and it’s considered (by far) the most famous black hero of all time.

The Black Panther was created in 1966 and appeared in the pages of Marvel comics. His real name is T’Challa, and he rules as a king in Wakanda. The mantle that he possesses is hereditary, and he has to pass a series of trials to earn the title officially. The Black Panther own the throne after the death of his father, T’Chaka. He was murdered by a man who wants to take the resources of Wakanda and we can appreciate in the movie as Ulysses Klaue. On the contrary, in the movie world, T’Chaka was killed in “Captain America: Civil War”; apparently, never is the same as the original writing.

The Panther, only appeared once before this one and was in the Captain America. So, if you see that film, you may have a big idea about what how this history began. The director of the movie, Ryan Coogler’s has done an incredible job making a film that has something relevant to say, and it’s different from the others Marvel adaptations.

Now, let’s give you some idea about Black Panther’s powers. He got his superhuman skills due to a Wakandan plant that allowances improved abilities and linked him spiritually with the God Panther: Bast. These fantastic powers allowed him to fight on an equal level that others great soldiers like Captain America. Of course, his combat proficiency and intelligent are unique. He uses a suit that is made of vibranium weave which allows to absorbs the kinetic force of high impacts like bullets. Also, he can use that force and release it to attack back.

Another important advantage of the suit is that has cloaking technology that allows him to disappear and appear at will. The uniform has more powers, but I’ll not tell you all of them. The thing is, he’s a great hero with superhuman senses and a genius intellect that could be your favorite hero so far. I know, maybe I exaggerate, but it can be. You have to see it.

Every movie has diverse opinions, is up to you to see it and make your thoughts about it. I believe that is a great film and its different from the prior ones. Also, the film has great actors that recreate the characters outstandingly. Each new Marvel movie is a new chance for change the formula and creates something refreshing and extraordinary. Coogler, without any doubt, tried to do a better film with this one, bringing not only a “new” hero but also, more meaning and more profound messages.


Wonder WOAHman!

Hey guys, it’s me–your main man W! I’m back today with a movie review! I kinda staved off making this review because I didn’t want to put out any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. So now that it’s been a couple of months, if you still haven’t seen the movie, beware of spoilers ahead!

Today, I’ll be talking about the incredible Wonder Woman film! It enjoyed its world premiere last May 15 and has pretty much taken over the world. The Wonder Woman film has grossed $389 million in the United States and Canada and $390.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $779.4 million, against a production budget of $149 million. So you know we’re getting a second movie! I’ll be discussing my opinion in chunks, much like the previous reviews.


I think the casting was just incredible! Let’s start with the Amazons:

Queen Hippolyta has always been one of my favorite characters in the comic book universe. When they first announced that they were making a live-action Wonder Woman film I only had one actress in mind: Connie Nielsen. So imagine my delight when I hear that she was cast for the role. I adored her in Devil’s Advocate and in Gladiator. It was particularly in Gladiator that I felt she could carry a role that required a sense of quiet authority and regency that just poured out from her skin. Nielsen was a delight as Queen Hippolyta and I wish she had more screen time. If the new trailers of Justice League is to be believed, Queen Hippolyta will be gracing our screens again.

General Antiope was, honestly, a really good surprise. It was great seeing a female general (something we should expect from the Amazons) and to have it be Robin Wright was just incredible! Princess Buttercup becoming a badass general? It’s a gift I didn’t realize that I always needed. She was a nice fit and I’m incredibly sad that her character had a short life.

Sir Patrick Morgan/Ares was honestly meh. In every comic book incarnation, Ares was charming, handsome, and swole AF. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some David Thewlis. He’s Moony after all. But having him as Ares? I feel shortchanged and stuck with someone’s weird uncle claiming to be bros with me. I would have been fine if Thewlis was a mask that Ares wore but to be Ares himself? That’s stretching it a bit. It also made it look like Gal Gadot was beating up on an old man.

Doctor Poison was interesting. There wasn’t much discussed about her other than being the brains behind the death machine. She seemed like an mysterious character that they didn’t really know what to do with in the long-term. So she was pretty much a plot device and they didn’t really elaborate on her poisons. Like, what was the deal with the steroid type gas she gave the General?

As for the General, it was fairly obvious he was a red herring. I mean, if I was Ares, I wouldn’t need steroid gas to get my fight on.

Steve Trevor was a delight. He was equal parts charming, manly, and funny. It was a good blend to bring levity to most serious situations. Chris Pine put those big blue eyes of his to good use and I appreciated how he tried to balance his spy gig with his hero ideal and having to deal with a princess from a mysterious island out of nowhere who’s convinced some God is responsible for World War I. It brought a very real “what would you do in his place” sort of feeling.

Of course, the best for last: Wonder Woman herself. I already sang her praises when I first saw her in Batman vs Superman and she was absolute perfection in Wonder Woman. She was the perfect mix of curiosity, frankness, kindness, in-credulousness , and no none sense in one bombshell package. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her in Justice League. Plus, they just announced that Wonder Woman 2 is a definite go!

All in all the movie was beautiful. The cinematography was refreshing. The acting was spot-on (yes, even Ares even if I still didn’t like who they cast). I can truly understand why women all over the world burst into tears as Diana shed her coat and climbed up that ladder to claim no man’s land and liberate Veld. I cried too, no shame about that.

It was a thoroughly well thought scene that really showed the heart and soul of a female superhero that finally got her time in the sun.

W Rating: 4/5

Why I Still Watch Thir13en Ghosts

Hi, everyone! It’s your man, W!

I’m back with more of my views and whatnot! Today, let’s talk about horror movies! Not everyone likes them, sadly. I, on the other hand, cannot get enough of the stuff. I have to admit, there have been some pretty bad examples out there. But for me, one I keep going back to is Thirteen Ghosts from year 2001.

It’s not your average straight-forward horror movie. It’s got ghost catchers, several manipulative people, a psychic, a family caught in the middle, and of course the 13 ghosts.

If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil anything for you. It’s definitely something that you need to see. So what do I like about it?

The cast

I loved how they got Tony Shalhoub, who at the time, only usually had comedic roles. So seeing him as a somber, mourning character was refreshing and really gave him more depth. Seeing him as a simple math teacher who was down on this luck who has to live with the reality of the loss of his wife.

It was quite a treat to see Matthew Lillard as a semi-serious character. I suppose his character was supposed to be serious but his delivery and his expressions really were quite humorous. However, was a good device to drive the plot forward and to develop a great sense of urgency to it all. He was already a pretty good exposition device.

Shannon Elizabeth was a nice balance of annoying and sensitive. You could see that she was trying hard to help her dad out all the while coming to grips with her own struggles. The younger kid was doing well as a “hey come find me” plot device.

Embeth Davidtz was a good add to the mix. She delivers a convincing act to sincerely wanting to aid the family and whatever it is that the house wants to throw at them.

If there was anyone who really had to business being there other than being annoying af, that’s Rah Digga.

The story

For it’s time, it was very unique. It was fairly common to have a haunted house type of movie. Having the “people died here” cliche was over and done with. Thirteen ghosts delivered something new in terms of why the ghosts would be in that area or house.

Rituals, carved spelled, a grasp for power, and a family who’s had better days. It was a pretty good premise for a horror film.

The set

The house was where the story is set is beautiful. A glass home with walls made of material that was shatterproof and soundproof would be pretty awesome, in my opinion.

The machine at the heart of the plot is pretty mesmerizing. I have a fondness for machines that show off its gears.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect horror movie. There are inconsistencies but I can happily overlook them because the movie just makes me so damn happy. So it’s they year 2017 and I’m still watching this movie today.

Of Trolls And Men

With the birth of the internet, it became significantly easier for people to reach out or to get their thoughts across. Message boards, forums, e-mail, chat rooms–these were only some of the ways people got in touch to express their ideas. As technology improved, it was inevitable that the way people conversed with each other online changed as well.

Social media allowed people to build profiles online that they could use to whatever manner they wanted–provided that they weren’t breaking any laws. It was pretty great, at first. Friends and strangers could get their ideas out and find like-minded individuals. When conversation occurs, it is expected that disagreements would happen.

However, as of the past few years, this has morphed into something quite horrible indeed. Rather than expressing ideas in a healthy and productive manner, people have devolved into creating argument merely for argument’s sake. No actual thought or reasoning–simply a mesh of words designed to illicit a response out of the reader.

The trolls have truly evolved through they years. If anything, they’ve gotten worse. You can’t scroll through a news report on Facebook without coming across one of them.

Trolls live off of the negative emotions they illicit. If you’ve ever watched the 20th season of South Park, you’d see a true blue example of an internet troll. It’s a person who thinks that being negative is just fun and games.

The horrid thing about the trolls of this sort is that they aren’t a coincidence. A lot of them are actually fake profiles that are paid for. Yes, you heard that right. Some people have turned being a toxic waste of space into a career. These people are paid to create rude or divisive comments on posts (especially political ones) in order to draw people into a pointless argument.

True argument only occurs when ideas are exchanged and there is growth in both parties.

When all you do is throw hateful speech at one another, that isn’t an argument. That’s two monkeys hurling feces at each other while believing the crap hurled at their face doesn’t affect them in the least. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t really have an active online profile in any of the large social media websites. I used to but I got sick of all the armchair activists and the holier-than-thou personas that I just decided to unplug.

You know, what? That’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve made. I don’t have the addiction to affirmation as a lot of people I know do. Getting that like or heart or whatever it is that gives people that rush of dopamine isn’t in my life. I’m not saying that you should go do that as well.

You go do you, fam. I just found a way that works for me. Being away from all that online filth makes sure that I don’t encounter trolls on my feed on a constant basis.

If you do ever encounter a troll, don’t feed it. Don’t engage. Simply ignore or immediately block them. Save yourself the headache. Your mental health will thank you for it.

Why Jon Snow is a Better Leader Than Robb Stark

Hey crew, it’s your man W! One of my best buddies Jay dragged me over to his place when I told him this sentence: “I have never watched Game of Thrones”. The way he reacted you’d think I told him no one ever celebrated any of my birthdays. So he made it a point to apparently enlighten my heathen ass about the wonderful world of Westeros.

I’m not gonna lie, that stuff’s pretty depressing if you get attached to someone who ends up dead. Somehow, I managed to sit through all six seasons of it so far. Not exactly sure how y’all managed to sit through it and wait from one season to another. God, those cliffhangers! So my buddy Jay told me that it was unfortunate how Robb Stark bit the big one since he would have made a great king since he was a good leader. I simply had to disagree. I told him that his brother Jon was a way better leader.

Aside from all the offended sputtering, he listed some reasons why Robb Stark makes a great leader:

  • Has the proper last name
  • Has the respect of lords
  • He’s well-studied on the art of war
  • He was raised to be a leader

So I told him that other than the first reason, the others are false. Since I’m sure you guys wanna know why I think that way, lemme enlighten you on it.

Sure, he has the proper last name. He’s the firstborn Stark son and that’s pretty much all he had going for him. He was highborn so he has very little knowledge about how the world actually is. Wherever he goes people immediately start bowing and scraping when they find out who he is. Which is also why he seemed so affronted when other lords were giving him flak and didn’t immediately follow his orders.

The simple fact that Lork Karstark was giving him lip on a fairly regular basis meant that he did not have the respect of the lords who swore to serve him. As for the “fact” that he was well-studied on the art of war, that’s not something he has a personal claim to. The other lords were at his shoulder at the start of every battle–using their own practical experiences on the art of war. This is also why Robb won every battle but lost the war.

As for the fact that he was raised to be a leader translates more to “he was raised to give orders and expect those orders to be carried out NOW”. That doesn’t exactly speak of actual leadership, does it?

Robb never really got to serve under true leadership. People in general showed in deference simply because he was Ned Stark’s son. Jon Snow served as a steward to Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jon got to experience true leadership and learned what it took to gain respect and maintain command. Jon also had the wise Maester Aemon give him crucial advice when it seemed too hard to keep to their vows.

My man Jon Snow did not have anything handed to him. Since he was a bastard, everyone pretty much scoffed and belittled him. All his life everyone reminded him that he was a bastard which is why he believed that taking The Black was a pretty good idea. When he was training to join the Night’s Watch, he came face to face with the cold hard reality of life. There were people who had it worse than him. He had no great name to hide behind to demand deference or respect. His own uncle Benjen told him that anything you get on the Wall you earn yourself.

Jon Snow came down from his entitled cloud pretty fast and directed his efforts into actually helping his future brothers. I would have paid good money to see how Robb would have taken all the crap Jon had to take from Alliser Thorne.

Jon earned the respect that people gave him. He’s proven that he’s not beyond doing what’s truly necessary to carry out his oath. He had to kill a brother in order to gain the trust of Wildlings. He found a woman who truly loved him and he loved her just as much and yet when it came down to it, he kept true to his oath. Unlike Robb who forgot his oath to marry one of the Frey girls and went for someone else and expected no consequences.

Robb’s actions were born from love, in a way–but mostly it came off as “I can do what I want. I’m King.”

Does that strike you as someone who’s a good leader? While leaders are expected to carry out tough decisions, the end goal is to better any situation for the people who follow them. Jon’s actions remained all about protecting the Wall–until he realized that the Wildlings they try so hard to keep out were just people. With the Night King out there, having the Wildlings on their side would have meant they would have more fighting forces. When his watch ended, his focus was securing the North in order to better the odds of fighting the White Walkers. Sure some sweet revenge came along the way but that was a bonus and not the primary goal.

So basically, Jon is the better leader. My buddy Jay was gracious enough to say that I had a rather good point. So what about you guys? Who do you think is the better leader: Jon Snow or Robb Stark?