Back Again

Hello world!  I am definitely overdue for a post. I’ve been slacking.  Things have been a little crazy in my neck of the woods.  I was laid off and I am once again on the grind for a new position. Onward we march, but I’m not discouraged.  There’s a learning opportunity here.  It’s called show up on time and make yourself invaluable.  I showed up on time (all the time), but I can’t say I was invaluable, so lesson learned.  Out of 4,400 people, 764 were let go over the past 3 months.  I probably should have seen this coming, but I was enjoying a nice, fat paycheck so I guess you could say the blinders were on.  The position was in HR.  I’m not a people person, so there’s another lesson learned – why did I choose this field?  Still not sure.

I took a role in HR as an analyst and had worked a large multinational corporation.  As you’d expect, I interviewed with a thousand people before I was hired and then I was introduced to the red tape.  It was a huge organization with layers upon layers of management and each manager with their own agenda.  It was rough up front learning everything because it was almost like people spoke a different language at the company, a technical one that I didn’t understand yet.  And, don’t even get me started on the training.  There was zero formal training, but there was hours and hours of people standing over me and me watching e-learning videos online, trying very hard to stay awake.  Don’t get me wrong, I was a 4.0 student, but I was expecting something far different from that.  The interviewers drew me in without telling me the whole story.  It got better though.  After a few months, I had a good handle on my role and started helping out colleagues and boom…management noticed.  Almost instantly, I was reassigned to a special project for the top dogs.  I nailed it and boom…promotion.  Wow, if it only was like this all the time.  I took my new role and enjoyed the freedom of choosing the projects I wanted to work on…until my boss was “realigned” (demoted) for being useless.  That’s a shame – I liked her and she gave me the freedom that made me actually somewhat enjoy work.

The new manager appeared and she was far different than the previous.  She was a dictator and I couldn’t stand it.  The first weekend after the manager swap, I went to NYC to visit a friend and I told him I needed to a change.  He asked what kind, and I said I didn’t know – just something.  “Move here.”  Genius!  I went back, applied to a few hundred jobs and starting traveling back and forth to and from the city to interview.  I landed one after a couple months (the one that just disappeared).  Here’s the thing though – the new role sounded great, just like the last one, but when you actually got into the role, it was not what they said it was.  So, the fact that I was laid off doesn’t bother me too much, especially since they’ll be paying me severance for the next month.  I’m just going to enjoy my preview of retirement.  What can be learned from all of this?  Choose your major carefully.  And, on a side note, big thank you and shout out to the leading pest control service beaverton or who hooked me up with an interview at a firm I think I might actually enjoy working at.  The future is looking bright.