My Last Week at School & Job Applications

Last week, I created a flag football team that I thought would be pretty decent (instead of applying for jobs like I was supposed to be doing).  I was astonished to learn just how perfect our team was.  As it turns out, our team’s practices and performances on the field convey a few different themes.

A secular world view probably best applies to sports.  From when we are young, we are told that practice makes perfect.  Actually, it does not make perfect, but it does makes permanent.  Good practice leads to good habits while the opposite is also true.  Another belief that I heard was that the more effort a person puts into something, the better the result will be.  When I selected my team members, I chose mostly my friends, but also people with different strengths, that I thought would work together well and better the team as a whole.

Our team’s first practice was Thursday at 3:00 pm.  We all met down on the lacrosse field for a scrimmage to determine the positions everyone would play.  After thirty minutes of playing, we realized that some people needed to be moved to different positions.  After that, we played a little better, but still could use some improvement.  Then, it hit me; we needed to improve our teamwork.  From then on, we kept our focus on playing as a team and playing to the team’s strengths, not the strengths of the individual players.  I believe that this secular view of football worked perfectly.  We practiced working together, as team, and we improved our ability to perform.  Apparently, our practices have worked because we have won all of our last three games against teams with people that were very much larger than our players.  I wish I could find a job with these guys, but I doubt that will happen.

football or job apps

Someone had to take the picture, so I couldn’t be in the shot.  If only we had a drone, or maybe a selfie-stick.

The religious world view of sports is a little different than the secular world view.  The first view that comes to mind from that perspective, relating to football is when a team is on their own goal line, with one down left to score and win or go home.  In this type of position, this view works perfectly because the team is essentially living on a prayer.  You see how I just quoted Bon Jovi there?  Also, most announcers say something along the lines of this when a team is in a must make situation: “They have to make this one.  The QB drops back and launches up a prayer.”  Once in a while, the team’s prayers are answered and the wide receiver makes the catch.

The second view that comes to mind when thinking about football occurs in the captain’s pre-game speech.  The team gathers in a tight circle and prays together asking for a win, after the captain speaks.  An interesting fact to point out is that not all people are religious, but all of the players participate or are at least present at the site of the speech.  This most likely occurs because of the fact that the pre-game speech is also a tradition.

Lastly, flag football relates to the “American Experience”.  The “American Experience” is about bettering ourselves as people.  The teamwork involved in each practice and game teaches responsibility and proper conduct as well as athleticism.  Responsibility and proper conduct help to better people by improving the way in which they act.  Athleticism works more literally, by improving a person’s ability to perform.

Flag football demonstrates the theme of a team.  Football can be viewed through a secular world view, a religious world view, or a combination of both.  Finally, the “American Experience” is about improving people and their state of condition; in my team’s case, flag football does exactly this because of the teamwork involved in practice and games.

With football in the bag, it’s time for me to start my job hunt.  I’ve been procrastinating on this since I still have some time at school.  I have a few faster classes that I need to wrap up in the summer, so technically, I don’t need to start looking for a job yet, but I really should.  I don’t want to stay in Jersey, so I applied to jobs mainly in New York and Boston.  I applied to Moody’s and Goldman Sachs in New York for a financial path. I’ll post an update as soon as I hear back.  Football will have to stay on the back burner for a bit.  Can’t exactly go pro.