Not Much of an Update

Hey there!  Been super busy with work lately, so I haven’t posted much.  Lots going in my world.  Took a trip to Vegas this week.  It was out of control!  Las Vegas definitely lives up to its expectations.  The hotels would crazy expensive (but sick as hell), fast cars were all over the place racing up and down the strip between street lights, and the girls were wearing almost nothing…in broad daylight…everywhere, and there was a lot of blinding sunlight.  Sounds like Heaven right?  Haha.  Oh man, what a week it was.  I rented the new Shelby Mustang GT-H and raced that to the Grand Canyon at 132 mph – the thing flies and it makes noise you can hear from a long long way away, so you know it’s coming.  The good news is there’s almost no cops on the road because the area is so big to cover.  My radar detector did pick up some lasers though, so it had to be a UAV flying overhead (drone or something); that happened a couple times and my brakes got a workout.  I did cut the time to the Grand Canyon, where I was headed, by a good 30 minutes though, so that’s fresh.  As expected, the Grand Canyon wasn’t that grand…really just a big hole and some rocks.  It was kind of cool to see since it’s a nationally recognized thing, but not as amazing as I expected.  Driving that car was so much more fun.  8 hours of driving in one day sounds like a lot until you forget that you’re driving and you feel like you’re a live member in Need for Speed or Fast and Furious.  I was waiting for the chopper chase scene to start.  After I got back I was so exhausted, I dropped down on the bed for a minute and woke up the next day.  Who sleeps 18 hours???  Apparently, I do.  Spent all of Sunday at the pool with some girls I met.  Literally just walked away after saying bye to them and boom…she appears on Tinder.  I texted her the screenshot of it and she got a laugh.  Overall, I had a ballin’ time in Vegas. You got the 10% I can share, the other 90% dies with me haha.  Til next time.