Siena’s Dog Pound

dog pound siena college

Recently, I attended the Siena Saint’s Dog Pound sign-up.  The Dog Pound is a club where students can join for only five dollars, and get free tickets to all of the men’s and women’s basketball games, in order to cheer on Siena’s two teams.  The Dog Pound illustrates the themes of Foundations by relating to the person, our society, and nature.

The Siena Saint’s Dog Pound sign-up was held on/at 8 o’clock.  I attended this event so as to join the Siena Saint’s Dog Pound (Club) because the Dog Pound’s main purpose is to be Siena’s cheering section and spirit squad in the stands at each of the men’s and women’s basketball games.

The Dog Pound relates to the theme of the person because this club, which is the biggest at Siena College, is a massive group of people.  Each person is an individual that brings his personality to the group.  Since there are so many participants of every age, gender, race, ethnicity, and culture, the Dog Pound is very diverse.  Each individual in the Dog Pound has two responsibilities, which are to cheering for the Saints as they play, and having fun while you’re at the game.  This club gives all of its participants an opportunity to come together for a common cause, and grow as a people and a society as they learn from themselves and others.

The Dog Pound can be seen as a society because of its internal setup.  This club unites all the different people and gives them the single goal of cheering on the Saints as best they can so that they will work together as a society to achieve it.  People get the chance to interact with each other and express themselves.  One of the great things about the Dog Pound is the fact that part of fund-raised proceeds are given to local charities and other important organizations that try to better the outside society by improving the community we live in.

No community is perfect, just as no society is perfect, but that does not mean that nothing can be done.  With the help of the local government, charitable organizations, some of which the Dog Pound sends money to, clean up our community.  Siena’s campus is one of the cleanest, most natural campuses in the area.  Nature is defined as anything that is not man-made, so aside from the buildings and the side-walks, the land Siena College is on contains a lot of nature.  Along with sending money to charitable organizations, the Dog Pound also puts money toward the up-keep of the Siena’s campus.  The grass is always cut and kept neat, leaves are raked in the fall, and the animals that live here are left alone.  We can’t live without nature, so it is important to care for it; the Dog Pound has the right idea.

Although the Siena Saint’s basketball season has no started yet, I have learned a great deal about the Dog Pound, its purpose, and it’s relation to the Foundations themes by reading about the club and talking to the founder.  The Dog Pound is something that everyone should join.  I know the experience is going to be amazing.  The biggest thing I learned about the Dog Pound was its relation to the person, our society, and nature.  When I first heard about the club, I did not think about its purpose and its relation to anything; I just thought it would be fun.

The Siena Saint’s Dog Pound is an amazing club that relates to all of the themes of Foundations in one way or another.  The individuals that make up the club, combined with the interaction among everyone in the club leads to an awesome experience that I would recommend to anyone.