Wonder WOAHman!

Hey guys, it’s me–your main man W! I’m back today with a movie review! I kinda staved off making this review because I didn’t want to put out any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. So now that it’s been a couple of months, if you still haven’t seen the movie, beware of spoilers ahead!

Today, I’ll be talking about the incredible Wonder Woman film! It enjoyed its world premiere last May 15 and has pretty much taken over the world. The Wonder Woman film has grossed $389 million in the United States and Canada and $390.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $779.4 million, against a production budget of $149 million. So you know we’re getting a second movie! I’ll be discussing my opinion in chunks, much like the previous reviews.


I think the casting was just incredible! Let’s start with the Amazons:

Queen Hippolyta has always been one of my favorite characters in the comic book universe. When they first announced that they were making a live-action Wonder Woman film I only had one actress in mind: Connie Nielsen. So imagine my delight when I hear that she was cast for the role. I adored her in Devil’s Advocate and in Gladiator. It was particularly in Gladiator that I felt she could carry a role that required a sense of quiet authority and regency that just poured out from her skin. Nielsen was a delight as Queen Hippolyta and I wish she had more screen time. If the new trailers of Justice League is to be believed, Queen Hippolyta will be gracing our screens again.

General Antiope was, honestly, a really good surprise. It was great seeing a female general (something we should expect from the Amazons) and to have it be Robin Wright was just incredible! Princess Buttercup becoming a badass general? It’s a gift I didn’t realize that I always needed. She was a nice fit and I’m incredibly sad that her character had a short life.

Sir Patrick Morgan/Ares was honestly meh. In every comic book incarnation, Ares was charming, handsome, and swole AF. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some David Thewlis. He’s Moony after all. But having him as Ares? I feel shortchanged and stuck with someone’s weird uncle claiming to be bros with me. I would have been fine if Thewlis was a mask that Ares wore but to be Ares himself? That’s stretching it a bit. It also made it look like Gal Gadot was beating up on an old man.

Doctor Poison was interesting. There wasn’t much discussed about her other than being the brains behind the death machine. She seemed like an mysterious character that they didn’t really know what to do with in the long-term. So she was pretty much a plot device and they didn’t really elaborate on her poisons. Like, what was the deal with the steroid type gas she gave the General?

As for the General, it was fairly obvious he was a red herring. I mean, if I was Ares, I wouldn’t need steroid gas to get my fight on.

Steve Trevor was a delight. He was equal parts charming, manly, and funny. It was a good blend to bring levity to most serious situations. Chris Pine put those big blue eyes of his to good use and I appreciated how he tried to balance his spy gig with his hero ideal and having to deal with a princess from a mysterious island out of nowhere who’s convinced some God is responsible for World War I. It brought a very real “what would you do in his place” sort of feeling.

Of course, the best for last: Wonder Woman herself. I already sang her praises when I first saw her in Batman vs Superman and she was absolute perfection in Wonder Woman. She was the perfect mix of curiosity, frankness, kindness, in-credulousness , and no none sense in one bombshell package. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of her in Justice League. Plus, they just announced that Wonder Woman 2 is a definite go!

All in all the movie was beautiful. The cinematography was refreshing. The acting was spot-on (yes, even Ares even if I still didn’t like who they cast). I can truly understand why women all over the world burst into tears as Diana shed her coat and climbed up that ladder to claim no man’s land and liberate Veld. I cried too, no shame about that.

It was a thoroughly well thought scene that really showed the heart and soul of a female superhero that finally got her time in the sun.

W Rating: 4/5