Back to Back Wins

Whatup fam, I’m back – sorry for the long wait!  I started doing lead generation a few months back and I’ve been so busy building sites and reaching out to business owners that I haven’t taken a moment to reflect on how things are going or update my blog here, so I apologize.  I literally watched a set of training videos that are supposed to take 6 weeks to get through in 72 hours and then just started grinding.  It actually felt really good and I couldn’t sleep.  I was lying awake in bed just picturing the ridiculous potential this new business has.  It’s really crazy because anyone could technically do it with a bit of know-how.  Whether or not it succeeds comes down to drive.  I’ve never been one to put a lot of work in at a company I was employed at, but this feels a lot different because it’s all on me.  All the money comes to me too, so that’s a big plus.

I popped open my computer, set up dual monitors, and situated my desk right near the window so I can get a nice view to keep me motivated.  Then, I sat down and watched 72 hours of videos.  I kept leaving my desk every couple hours to take a bathroom break and to get food; that’s about it.  No Tinder, no women, no drinks, just business.  And, I have to say, things are working out.  First video I recorded and sent out landed a tree service owner who’s now paying me $400 a month.  Now, that’s not a ton of money, but I don’t really have to do a ton of work for that and his site’s already improving; that’s the cool part.  I’ve never believed in direct progression. My personal thought is that if you can talk the game and walk the path, you can charge anything you want for your service even with no clients to your name.  I proved myself right.  My second client was another video I sent out.

I realize I made it sound like I did no work to land a client, but that’s not accurate.  I recorded and sent out 79 videos over the course of 2 weeks to land the 2nd client.  He’s a concrete leveler based in Houston.  I pitched $6,500 a month to work with him and he argued me down to $6,000.  Isn’t that insane?  That’s an increase that make a difference in your life.  That’s $72,000 a year!  Now, I have to spend half of that to help him out, but still.  I got a $30k pay raise by sending a few videos. Where else can you do that with no pants on? Lol.  Sitting at my computer, talking, being real, and this guy saw the value.  Then, we hopped on another call where I walked through what I can do in more detail.  He loved it. Boom – sold.  Onto the next!  I still haven’t quite figured out a good cadence for emails and videos, but I’m going to sit down tomorrow and see if I can hash it out.  Will update you guys soon.