I Can Build Any Business Now

So check this out – I can build any business from nothing in like 90 days!  I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’ve just completed 6 weeks of training on starting businesses and I feel like I’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom.  Think about like a business owner.  You’re sitting there thinking about what kind of business you want to start, and one of niches feels a little more “you” than the rest.  You might just go with your gut or you might do some research to see what kind of money potential there is.  I’m a fan of the research, but let’s do an example.  Let’s say you pick asphalt paving services.  That sounds like a profitable niche.  I know the equipment is expensive, but you can make a ton of cash quick.  Then, you choose a good size city, like Albany, New York.  Now, it’s time to come up with a name.  Lots of businesses make a name with the city and the niche, so instead how about Perfect Pave.  With that done, you’ve got to get a business license.  So, you either do the all the paperwork yourself, or you just go somewhere like Legal Zoom and let them do it for you.  Obviously, that’s way easier. That process takes a week or so, then you’re good to go.  Now, you’ve got to start growing.  You’re going to need to secure funding, get a solid website to advertise your business, and buy some equipment.  With all that in place, it’s smart to do some research and then hire a contractor to help initially since you have no idea what you’re doing in this particular industry.  Let’s say you start getting calls with from your site.  First thing I’d do is quote the homeowner with a price on their driveway or whatever paving needed to be done.  Then, I’d go out and hire a contractor to do it for less.  Not only can you watch what they do and how they do it, but you make the difference between what you quoted the customer and what you paid the contractor.  You could also take a part-time job in the industry for the insider knowledge.  That might actually save you some time instead of trying to figure things out and messing up on your own. Many successful business owners gained some experience in the field, then went out on their own.