Mazinger Z: The return of a legend

Hello, guys! Today we’ll be talking about the new adaptation of Mazinger Z. I’m not a big fan of anime but maybe you are. Mazinger Z has arrived at the cinema and maybe we should take into consideration see it. If you’re of the 70’ you’ll be curious about this adaptation, you may be singing the song “Koji evil and terror can dominate…” Now, five decades later we had this iconic character back to the big screen.

The Japanese, Go Nagai, was the creator of this idea back in 1972 (in comic manga). The success was so big that the same year they took it to the television as an animated series. The history narrates how the Dr. Juzo Kabuto designed a giant robot with powerful tools throughout the body. This creation will take the name of: Mazinger Z. This robot shaped with an armor made of fictional superalloy called “Chogoking Z” gives him a unique power thanks to his photo-atomic energy.

Mazinger Z with its partner, the Great Mazinger, were formed to defeat Dr. Hell and his evils legions of monsters. In the adaptation, the pair of robots are older and wiser and they’ll have to find the better way to get into battle once again. Go Nagai assured that all the adults will see the movie with the same emotion as they were kids. I’m willing to see it, and you? If you’re a fanatic you have to.

Here you have some background of the history if you don’t know anything about it:

Mazinger Z is the first manned robot in the anime world since the past ones were controlled by remote control. The anime is like a collage of elements that are configured in separate universes and at the same time, complement each other to part of the same world. The history presents us the character of Dr. Hell and a team of scientists who discover the remains of a millenarian society and giants automatons.

The discovery of the automatons represented an important finding for humanity, so Dr. Hell decides to keep it in secret until other humans “have been investigated better”. Of course, this decision is an evil plan, since the Doctor implements devices that allow the control of the giant machines. When he asks others doctors to follow him and they denied, it triggers the wrath of the villain who murders everyone present except Dr. Jozo Kabuto, who manages to escape.

After those facts, Kabuto decides to stop Dr. Hell and creates Mazinger, a robot that possesses the most advanced technology.  Maybe the history sounds a bit boring but the truth is that this series was a huge success back then and maybe the movie will triumph too.

We have to see it in order to make any feedback, don’t you think? Until next time guys.