Why I Blog About My Personal Life?

Blogging is a true skill that I have acquired in life. At least I feel so! I have often been told that I am very brave as I tend to share all that I go through in my life through my blogs. When I think of it, I definitely feel proud as I am able to reach thousands of people out there –merely just by sharing a few ideas on life and sharing my life with so many random strangers.

To me, blogging about my private life is no act of bravery. It is a mere choice. A choice that I made about my life as an independent adult! I felt like sharing my ideas, views, and personal feelings out to the world –even if it implies the global audience. You can get it from my first blog which is just like opening a page of my life.

Just like any other individual, I would have preferred keeping secret about my personal life. I could have chosen to never speak out about my vulnerabilities. I feel that it is rather satiating to present both the good & the bad –it helps me in maintaining a balance in my life. I wish to analyze where I am headed in life and to speak it out with everyone around.

The blogs that I write about are a mission of my own. They hold a very deeper meaning in my life –something I am able to connect to. I just wish that through my life story-sharing experience, someone, somewhere in the world would feel inspired.

How My Blogs have Changed My Life for the Better

There have been several instances wherein I have felt motivated after writing a blog & sharing it with people around. Here are some ways in which blogging has changed my life for the better:

  • Writing a personal blog daily serves to be immensely relieving. Blogging has gifted me a safe & convenient releasing valve that helps me stay away from various stresses in life.


  • As I write regularly, it has helped in storing several beautiful memories of life forever in my lookbook. These memories in words are something that I can revisit conveniently and relive them for the rest of my life. As I keep writing honestly about my present life situations, it helps me in understanding how far I have come in life as a better person.


  • Writing a personal blog daily has made me come closer to a close-knit online community of personal bloggers who keep inspiring me every moment to move forward in life positively. It has been an amazingly beautiful journey to establish connections with people all around the globe.


  • Writing regularly has also helped me in the process of communicating the most complicated ideas seamlessly. My personal blogs have added immense depth to my emotions and have helped in redefining my perspective towards life.