Why I Still Watch Thir13en Ghosts

Hi, everyone! It’s your man, W!

I’m back with more of my views and whatnot! Today, let’s talk about horror movies! Not everyone likes them, sadly. I, on the other hand, cannot get enough of the stuff. I have to admit, there have been some pretty bad examples out there. But for me, one I keep going back to is Thirteen Ghosts from year 2001.

It’s not your average straight-forward horror movie. It’s got ghost catchers, several manipulative people, a psychic, a family caught in the middle, and of course the 13 ghosts.

If you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to spoil anything for you. It’s definitely something that you need to see. So what do I like about it?

The cast

I loved how they got Tony Shalhoub, who at the time, only usually had comedic roles. So seeing him as a somber, mourning character was refreshing and really gave him more depth. Seeing him as a simple math teacher who was down on this luck who has to live with the reality of the loss of his wife.

It was quite a treat to see Matthew Lillard as a semi-serious character. I suppose his character was supposed to be serious but his delivery and his expressions really were quite humorous. However, was a good device to drive the plot forward and to develop a great sense of urgency to it all. He was already a pretty good exposition device.

Shannon Elizabeth was a nice balance of annoying and sensitive. You could see that she was trying hard to help her dad out all the while coming to grips with her own struggles. The younger kid was doing well as a “hey come find me” plot device.

Embeth Davidtz was a good add to the mix. She delivers a convincing act to sincerely wanting to aid the family and whatever it is that the house wants to throw at them.

If there was anyone who really had to business being there other than being annoying af, that’s Rah Digga.

The story

For it’s time, it was very unique. It was fairly common to have a haunted house type of movie. Having the “people died here” cliche was over and done with. Thirteen ghosts delivered something new in terms of why the ghosts would be in that area or house.

Rituals, carved spelled, a grasp for power, and a family who’s had better days. It was a pretty good premise for a horror film.

The set

The house was where the story is set is beautiful. A glass home with walls made of material that was shatterproof and soundproof would be pretty awesome, in my opinion.

The machine at the heart of the plot is pretty mesmerizing. I have a fondness for machines that show off its gears.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect horror movie. There are inconsistencies but I can happily overlook them because the movie just makes me so damn happy. So it’s they year 2017 and I’m still watching this movie today.