Wine Almost Ruined My Carpet

I got another new job, so I was celebrating.  I hopped on Snapchat, like usual to browse what’s going on in the world and I felt like I just keep seeing the same type of people over and over again.  There’s people doing dumb things for views and a lot of women drinking wine.  I always wondered about that.  I’d normally opt for a beer, but not today.

I was leaving work on my first day and stopped by Price Chopper.  As I was standing there in the adult beverage section, I thought “you know what, screw it, I’m getting wine.”  So I did.  I checked out at the register, tossed the bottle into my car, and drove home.  Before I share what happened, I should probably share the layout of my apartment.  Right when you open the door, I have a floor mat, then I have some nice carpeting from the edge of the floor mat to the other side of the room.  I had it installed when I first moved in so I didn’t have to walk on the cold wood floors.  Go ahead, judge me!

Anyways, I got out my car and didn’t feel like waiting until I got to my apartment, so I opened the bottle of wine.  That probably wasn’t the smartest idea on my part since you probably know what happens next, but I didn’t have the foresight to prevent an issue.  So, like an alcoholic, I’m walking up the stairs to my apartment drinking directly from the bottle.  I finally get to my door after what feels like a century because of the long day I had.  I put the key in, open the door, and my cat leaps off the end table directly at me and basically stabs my arm with his nails.  I jumped back and the bottle of wine went flying out of my hands and guess where it landed?  Half the bottle dumped out before I could pick it up.  I don’t know how much you know about red wine, but it’s nearly impossible to get out of a carpet, especially a white one!  So, I called a local company to clean my carpet.  They brought over all this cleaning equipment to suck up the wine and get rid of the stains, and surprisingly, the price wasn’t bad.  After it was all said and done, it cost me $65 to steam-clean it and get rid of the red stains. Lesson learned – no drinking in the hallway, especially when you’ve got a crazy cat that has no manners.  What I should’ve done is dump the rest on the cat, since she’s white too.